BJP candidate from Mungaoli, Brajendra Singh, during the election campaign, confronted the people of the Sikh community, threatening and said – I will deal with each one


Brijendra Singh Yadav, a minister in the state government and BJP candidate from Mungaoli, had to be evicted from the public.

Brijendra Singh Yadav, a minister in the Shivraj government and a BJP candidate from Mungaoli, lost his temper during campaigning in the by-election. He is accused of abusing the people of Sikh society. During this, he got caught in the middle of the crowd. The minister’s companions were seen taking him away. The minister also expressed displeasure at the old colleagues for not cooperating and said that you people are not doing well. Will see after the election. A video of this has also gone viral.

The incident is of Hajukhedi village of Mungavali assembly. Ishgarh resident and Congress worker Bhagwan Singh complained to the local police station. Allegations that I have been threatened to misbehave with Sikh society and die. He came to attend a social event at Gurdwara Hajukhedi along with his community colleagues at 11 am on Saturday. The minister already present here told me that you and your community mates are opposing me in the elections. This is not right.

On the minister’s displeasure, he said – you are no longer in Congress
On this, Bhagwan Singh said that I am a Congress worker. In the past, I worked for you as a Congress candidate. Now when you are not in Congress, I am working for the authorized candidate of Congress, which is my duty. On this matter, Brajendra got angry and said – I am not like that. I am Yadav of Amroha. I will put you and all the people of your society after the election. I will kill you

Congress worker said – Minister is responsible if I get attacked
Bhagwan Singh said that there is an atmosphere of fear in our society due to the threat of a minister. If there is any incident or fatal attack on me or the people of the society during or after the election, it will be Brajendra who is responsible for it. Here, Congress media coordinator Narendra Saluja said that this is a shameful thing. This explains his (Brajendra) mentality towards Sikh society. BJP will have to apologize to the society for this.

Minister of State Brijendra Singh’s explanation
In this case, Brijendra Singh said that I was invited by the Sikh society in Hajukhedi. We were all having talks, then some Sikh people who supported the Congress came. He started threatening Sikh brothers with me. When I protested, those people abused me and edited the video. If I were wrong, more than 100 people of Sikh community came to my support and would not oppose the people of their own society.

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