BJP attacker after Arnab Goswami’s arrest, said- Italy mafia government in Maharashtra is attacking press freedom


BJP attacker after Arnab Goswami's arrest, said- Italy mafia government in Maharashtra is attacking press freedomBharatiya Janata Party (Photo Credits: IANS)

New Delhi, November 4: The BJP has reacted sharply to the arrest of Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami of Republic TV in Mumbai. The BJP has said that the Italian mafia government in Mumbai is attacking the freedom of the press. In Maharashtra (Maharashtra), the shoulder is of Shiv Sena, then the bullet is of Congress. The BJP has called it a black day for journalism. Like the BJP, National spokesperson Sambit Patra said at a press conference at the party headquarters, “What happened to Arnab Goswami on speaking the truth today may also happen to AAP tomorrow.”

Opening the closed case, where is the democracy? Any journalist or common man who has raised the question in Maharashtra, the manner in which the Sonia Sena government has dealt with it, is worthy of shock. Sambit Patra said, “There is no rest, no share of sin, only the hunter who is neutral, time will write about his crime as well.”

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The BJP national spokesperson said that the kind of government that was in place for ten years before 2014. She was the government of an Italian clan. Today, the way the daughter of Mussolini’s right-handed father is establishing Mafiaraj in India today. This is in front of everyone. Sambit Patra cited several cases related to the attack on freedom of expression in Maharashtra during this period. He said that we are raising voice for every person, not for any one person. It is an attack on fundamental rights.

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