Bilawal Bhutto said – Imran only forced the opposition to name the army; PM said- Nawaz wants to destroy the country


The photo is of a rally held in Gujranwala on Friday. All the big leaders of the opposition were involved in this. Bilawal and Nawaz’s daughter Maryam also gave speeches here.

  • There was an opposition rally in Gujranwala on Friday, in which Nawaz Sharif accused the army chief
  • Now Imran Khan is showing revenge on Nawaz by showing videos of him, Opposition intensifies the movement

Army is being dragged for the first time in the politics of Pakistan. On Friday, several military generals and army chiefs were charged at the opposition coalition rally. Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned it. On this, opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto gave clarification. Said: Imran has no right to accuse the opposition. He is the selected PM and because of him, the army is being accused. It is Imran who has forced the opposition to name the army.

We didn’t want to be named
Imran said on Saturday – Opposition is doing a bad politics by taking the name of the army and its generals. His charge was answered hours later by Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Bilawal said – the opposition coalition never wants to use the name of the army or its generals in politics. But, Imran was never an elected PM. He is the selected PM. And for this reason, the army’s name is being dragged into political matters. However, Bilawal admitted that this should not happen. Said- We are also helpless.

Why Army in Polling Stations
In a conversation with ‘The Dawn’ newspaper, Bilawal said – We are also sad that the name of the army or army chief is being dragged in political parties. But, this is a step taken under compulsion. In a country where there is democracy, what is the work of the soldiers inside polling stations? Imran says in every speech that the army is with him. what does this mean? The task of the army is to protect the country or to fulfill Imran’s agenda. He should not become a puppet of the government. If this happens, there will be dictatorship in the country.

Now rally in Karachi
After the mega rally in Gujranwala, now the opposition is going to do the same in Karachi. For this, all preparations are being done from both sides. The government and the military want to thwart it. Thousands of opposition activists have reached the streets and parks of Karachi. At the Gujranwala rally, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif alleged that the army brought Imran to power. He accused Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa two years ago of toppling his government. Nawaz had said – There are two governments running in this country. One is Imran and the other is Bajwa.

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