Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: PM Modi’s taunt – Double-double denial of Crowns, will again form ‘NDA government


Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: PM Modi's taunt - Double-double denial of Crowns, will again form 'NDA governmentPrime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo Credits- IANS)

Forbisganj (Forbisganj) (Bihar) (Bihar), 3 November: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday targeted the opposition grand alliance, saying that those running the ‘Jungle Raj’ had at one time snatched the franchise of the poor through a culture of capturing polling booths in Bihar, but the NDA gave the poor He has got that right again. The Prime Minister said that this is the reason that today anarchy, extortion are being defeated in Bihar while development and rule of law is winning.

He said that despite the global epidemic, the enthusiasm of voters in Bihar shows the deep roots of democracy in India. Taking a dig at the opposition alliance, Modi said that his only dream is to capture power in any way by intimidating people, spreading rumors, dividing people, but the people of Bihar, by denying the ‘Jungle Raj and double-double prince’, made a National Democratic Have made up our mind to give the mandate again.

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Addressing an election rally in Forbisganj, Modi said, “Bihar has now identified those people whose only dream is to somehow seize power by spreading the rumors, intimidating the people. This is his thinking for years, he has seen this, he has understood this, he has learned this.

Modi indirectly targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and RJD Chief Ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav, saying that the people of Bihar have completely rejected the ‘double-double prince’ of Jungle Raj.

Taking a dig at the RJD-led grand alliance, Modi said that those who are standing in opposition to the NDA today, “after eating and drinking so much, are now looking at Bihar greedily again”.

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He said, but the people of Bihar know who is committed to the development of Bihar and who is for the development of their family. Referring to the actions of the government led by Nitish Kumar, Modi said that the last decade was to fulfill the needs of Bihar and the decade till 2021-30 is to fulfill the aspirations of the people of the state. The Prime Minister said, “Electricity reached every house in Bihar in the last decade, now the coming decade is to illuminate Bihar twenty-four hours. In the last decade, a gas connection was reached from door to door in Bihar, now this decade is to deliver gas from pipes to the houses of Bihar.

Modi pointed to the NDA government at the Center and in the state, “When Bihar will get the power of double engine again, the development here will be faster than before, I have come to assure you.” ”

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He said, “The NDA has given the right to vote to the poor in Bihar. The holy land of Bihar is determined to take Bihar to a new height in this new decade.

Modi said that after the first phase of voting and the initial information that is still being received in the second phase, one thing is clear that the people of Bihar have given a message on the injury of the sting that once again the NDA government in Bihar Going to be Modi said, “Following the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Faith’, today the NDA Government is working for the interests of the people without any discrimination.”

Referring to a proverb of the local, the Prime Minister said that in Bihar it is said – ‘Ankar dhani paaye, na nau maan tolaiin’, that is, the sense of selfishness is that when the other’s money is there, then whatever you buy, what difference it makes .

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