Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: ‘Modi voting machine’ and not afraid of media, I will defeat Modi in the battle of ideology: Rahul Gandhi


Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: 'Modi voting machine' and not afraid of media, I will defeat Modi in the battle of ideology: Rahul GandhiCongress leader Rahul Gandhi (Photo credit-FB)

Madhepura/Araria (Madhepura / Arariya) (Bihar) (Bihar), 4 November: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that he is not afraid of the ‘Modi voting machine’ or the media and will not retreat an inch in the battle of ideology and defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Addressed. He alleged that Narendra Modi talks directly against him and talks with profanity, he talks about spreading hatred.

He said, “The more he (Modi) tries to spread hate, the more I try to spread love. Hatred cannot be cut with love but with love. “The former Congress president said,” I will not retreat even an inch, unless I defeat Narendra Modi. ” Whether it is voting machine ‘or’ Modi media ‘, whatever it is, I do not mind. “Gandhi said,” It is a fight of ideology against that person and a fight against their thinking and the truth is true. And we will defeat this thinking. ”

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In his address, he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of ignoring the Corona virus crisis, unemployment, problems of farmers and small traders, saying that these leaders, who have not fulfilled the previous promises, are now seeking votes from the people in the elections. .

He said, “I want to tell you that if the government of the Grand Alliance is formed then it will be the government of every caste, religion, poor, laborer and every district.” Together we will work to change this state.

Addressing the election rallies in Madhepura and Araria, Rahul Gandhi said, “Six years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that every year two crore youths will get jobs … got? Nitish Kumar had said that I will change Bihar, but will Bihar change …? ”

Rahul Gandhi said that in this election the same youth asks him why Nitish Kumar threatens him if he does not give us employment. He said that the truth comes out and has come to the fore.

The Congress leader said that Sharad Yadav’s daughter Subhashini Yadav is contesting from Bihariganj seat in this election and you will win the election of Sharad Yadav’s daughter.

Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi asked to fight the corona virus, clap, play the thali and after the clap and thali lit the light of the mobile phone and said that the corona is over in 22 days but more days passed but the corona The virus is being spread.

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Taking a dig at the Center and the state government, the former Congress president said, “During the lockdown, when lakhs of workers were coming to their homes on foot, Nitishji and Modiji did not help them.”

Rahul Gandhi alleged that when the corona virus came, Prime Minister Modi implemented it without giving any warning, without giving notice of the lockdown. He alleged that as soon as the demonetisation was implemented, so did the lockdown and the workers all over the country had to come here on foot hungry thirsty.

The Congress leader said, “I spoke to the workers at the time of Corona virus, then they said why the Prime Minister did not give us two days notice. If we had a day’s time, we would have returned to our village. ”

He alleged that if there was a place for the farmers and laborers in the heart of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, what happened in the time of Corona virus would never happen to the farmers.

Referring to the ban on demonetisation, he said, “Prime Minister says at 8 o’clock in the evening, 500 rupees 1000 rupee note canceled, put all your money in the bank. After this, they take money out of your pocket and put it in the pocket of the rich of India.

Rahul Gandhi said that at that time you were standing in the line, was anyone in the line with black money? Was any billionaire in line? He said that Narendra Modi ji, taking your 3 lakh 50 thousand crore rupees out of your pocket, waived the debt of those big industrialists.

He targeted the central government and said that now a new law has been made to end the farmers. Therefore, in this Dussehra, farmers in Punjab burnt effigies of Narendra Modi, Ambani Adani in place of Ravana, Meghnad, Kumbhakarna.

The former Congress president asked the people present at the rally whether they were getting fair price for maize. Gandhi said what did Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar do to get the right price?

Referring to the three agricultural laws recently implemented, Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi says that we have liberated the farmer that he can sell his corn and paddy anywhere in the country. But how will the farmer sell, where is the road in Bihar.

He said, “But Narendra Modi is destroying the MSP system, the system of procurement, the system of mandi all over India.” Narendra Modi, if you gave freedom to the farmers that they can go and sell their goods anywhere, then why is the farmer of this country not happy? What kind of freedom is this?

Gandhi alleged that he wants to benefit the new middlemen, which include Ambani and Adani.

The Congress leader said, “There are food processing factories in Punjab, so the right price is available there.” Therefore, we have to set up factories in Bihar for maize processing and we will try our best to make these factories very close to your fields. ”

He said that when the elections were held in Chhattisgarh, we had said in that election meeting that if the Congress Party government comes, you will be given a paddy rate of Rs 2500 and we did that.

During his address, Rahul Gandhi praised senior leader Sharad Yadav and said that he has learned a lot from Sharad Yadav.

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