Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Chirag Paswan’s question to BJP- LJP vote is cut off, so why have you been together since 2014?


Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Chirag Paswan's question to BJP- LJP vote is cut off, so why have you been together since 2014?Chirag Paswan (Photo Credits: ANI)

In Bihar Assembly Election 2020, the split between the Lok Janshakti Party President Chirag Paswan (Chirag Paswan) and the BJP has been intensified after separating from the NDA. Chirag Paswan has surrounded the BJP on the statement of Union Minister Prakash Javadekar. In an interview with India Today, Chirag Paswan said, “If we get votes cut, then why has BJP kept up with 2014? Under Nitish Kumar’s pressure, BJP is making such statements. It should use its discretion.” Chirag Paswan said, ‘If Nitish Kumar becomes CM then I will not be in NDA. I would love to sit in the opposition.

The LJP president said that he is confident that the BJP will form the next government in Bihar in alliance with his party and will leave the company of Nitish Kumar and JDU, which have been ruling in Bihar for 15 years. Chirag Paswan said in a conversation with India Today, “I am confident that after November 10, BJP-LJP government will be formed in Bihar.”

Earlier, Chirag Paswan had said that he is Hanuman of PM Modi (PM Narendra Modi). Talking to the media, Chirag Paswan said that ‘I do not need to put a picture of PM Modi anywhere, he lives in my heart. I am his Hanuman, try to rip my chest. Was with Modi, am and will be.

Let us tell you that Union Minister Prakash Javadekar (Union Minister Prakash Javadekar) has made a big charge on Chirag Paswan and said, ‘Chirag Paswan has caught a different path in Bihar. He is misleading people by taking the names of senior BJP leaders. We do not have any B and C teams. NDA will get a clear majority this time. Prakash Javadekar called Chirag Paswan’s party even ‘Votkatwa’.

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