Bigg Boss 14 Episode: Salman Khan will be seen in ‘Weekend’s War’, know who is going to be a victim


Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss house takes place in the last two days of the week. He takes a week-long report from the participants on the weekend of ‘Weekend War’. Sometimes he praises. And sometimes their anger is also seen. This is going to happen this week. Salman Khan will get to see the angry house participant.

The promo has been released by Colors tonight i.e. the October 18 episode. It is shown that Salman Khan is expressing his anger above Rubina Dilac. Salman says, “If you say that, then we get everything approved by you brother.” Rubina is seen saying, “I will be scolded for keeping my point of view”. To this, Salman Khan interjected and said, ‘Madam, ma’am, I am talking to you with a lot of humor and admiration. I am not a contestant here. This is a mistake, and it is going to overwhelm you. ‘

Rubina has been seen arguing throughout this week. She had an argument with Siddharth Shukla about cooking duties. Apart from this, she is seen arguing even while on duty. He accuses Siddhartha of doing irrational. Rubina says that she is senior, she should be more balanced and accountable. Siddharth had said that I am just unavoidable for you.

In the episode on Friday, Abhinav Shukla is shown explaining this to his wife Rubina. He advised not to confront Siddhartha. Abhinav said, “That’s a wall.” He will shout, “You cannot confine it.” Now we have to see how heavy it is to get screwed with Siddharth and Salman Khan.

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