Bigg Boss 14: After coming out of the house, Sara Gurpal told inside, this reaction was given on eviction


The journey of the fastest Punjabi actor-singer Sara Gurpal from the 14th season of Bigg Boss has ended. Sara has shared a video after being out of the house, in which she is thanking fans for their support and love. At the same time, he has also talked about ‘unfair’ aviction, because he has completed all the tasks.

In a video shared by Singer on Instagram, Sara says, ‘I just want to tell everyone that I have come back with the same respect I entered with Bigg Boss 14. The audience gave me a lot of love. After coming back, I am watching everything and I am very happy. ‘ Sara has slammed Eviction, targeting Bigg Boss winner Siddharth Shukla. He said that the audience disagreed with the decision to evict him. He said that other seniors Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan were not in favor of her leaving.

Also, Sara Gurpal has written in the video caption, ‘I am thanking my viewers from my heart. It is only because of your love and support that I am on this stage of life. However, I would be happy if the decision of avixation was taken by you. But, life cannot say anything and you have to face it. Thank you all again.

‘You know what happened to me was not right. If viewers make me homeless, I think maybe they didn’t like my personality and I should change it or whatever, but the country liked my personality. Even after that, if it happens because of one person, then it is completely unfair. I did everything from the task to the housework and I am really proud of it. Even Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan were against my avocation and did not want me to go out. ‘

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