Beware of urine, bad smell can be dangerous diseases!


Often, urine smells bad while urinating. But when urine starts to smell strangely, it is not right to ignore it. Because it is not toxins inside your body, but it points towards a serious body problem. So let’s know about it…

Due to dehydration – Water is very important for the body, because there is water in every part of the body, even if it is bone. We are advised to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water regularly. But this quantity can also be less or more as per the need. You can identify whether you are drinking enough water by the color of your urine, if the color of urine is normal then you are taking sufficient amount of water. But if the color of urine is yellow and it smells bad, then understand that you are lacking in water.

Fear of diabetes – Diabetes is such a disease which, once it happens, plays with it throughout life. Diabetes occurs due to the high amount of sugar in the blood. It is also one of the symptoms indicating diabetes. When the sugar secretion comes in excess from the kidneys, then strange smell starts. This is a sign of diabetes, understand it and treat it immediately.

Genetic disease – There are some diseases that are due to the family, and whatever you protect, you are caught in them. Women have one such problem – trimethylamineuria. In this disease, no matter how clean you are, no matter how much you take care of food, due to this urine will smell strange. Due to this, menstruation can be irregular.

Are you pregnant? In the early days of pregnancy i.e. a few days after conception, the woman is not able to know that she is pregnant. Symptoms of pregnancy are also found through urin. If your urine is starting to smell strangely, check with the kit whether you are pregnant or not.

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