Before 70 years of age, the athlete chooses to eat Corona, but it is sad


new DelhiAsian Games medal-winning runner-up Kovid has recovered from 19, but his experience during treatment was very bad. Sucha Singh termed the misconduct with him as ‘disgraceful’ and said that a player who has raised the value of the country too had to suffer so much at this stage of his age. Even to get tested, many trips were made. Sucha Singh won the bronze medal in the 400 meters at the 1970 Asian Games and was part of the team that won the silver medal in the 4x400m Riley in 1970 and 1974. He was found to be ‘positive’ on 4 August, but was discharged after another test conducted on 17 August was ‘negative’. Seventy-year-old Sucha Singh was admitted to PIMS Hospital in Jalandhar. He said that he spent a hefty amount in treatment and had to raise Rs 2.5 lakh with the help of his relatives.

This is how corona and money games startedHe said, ‘I had high fever and cough on the night of July 25-26. I consulted a doctor in a clinic. Fever and cough were not decreasing. A few days later, I decided to go for a test. From here his troubles grew and it took him two days to get the test done. He said, ‘I got a test done in a hospital for which I paid Rs 5000. They sent me to Patel Hospital. I spent two nights there and for that I had to pay 30 thousand rupees. ‘

Expenses exceeded two and a half million, had to borrow from relativesSucha Singh said, ‘I was admitted to PIMS hospital on August 4 after recovering from the corona virus. The next day I was asked to deposit one lakh rupees before 12 noon and I did so. ‘ The former athlete said that he borrowed from his relatives to pay the Astpal. Sucha said, ‘A week later he again asked me to deposit one lakh rupees and I asked my relatives to help me. They gave me money and only after that I was discharged. I spent a total of two and a half lakh rupees. ‘ He said, “It is humiliating for a player.” Sucha Singh’s son works in the US, while his daughter studies in New York.


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