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Beauty Tips: If you will know about the benefits of Aloe Vera, then start using it from today itself.



Aloe vera is one such ingredient when it comes to skin and hair maintenance with natural ingredients. Aloe vera is the most commonly found cactus in India. The juice of this plant has immense power to heal the skin and hair. Due to its therapeutic properties, this plant is used for medicinal purposes, to keep hair and skin healthy.

If you want to see the benefits of aloe vera, then always use fresh aloe vera gel. To extract the fresh gel, you have to cut the aloe vera gel leaf in half and remove the gel with the help of a spoon. Blend this gel in a blender.

Benefits of aloe vera gel for skin:


Aloe vera gel is very effective for oily skin as it does not feel sticky. It is such an element that relieves the problem of oily and acne. Aloe vera increases the amount of water in our skin, which keeps the skin hydrated. If you want soft and supple skin then applying aloe vera gel on your face is the best option.

Relieves Sunburn:

The medicinal properties of aloe vera play an important role in curing sunburns. Applying it creates a protective layer on the skin, which moisturizes your skin. Aloe vera helps in quick healing of sunburns as it is rich in antioxidants.

Reduces Acne:

Aloe vera gel contains two hormones – oxygen and gibberellin. Both these hormones have anti-inflammatory properties. Which has the power to reduce the bacteria present on the skin and thus reduce acne. It also relaxes the skin. Which relieves the problem of itching and inflammation in the skin.

anti aging:

Apart from vitamin C and vitamin E, aloe vera is also rich in beta carotene. All these nutrients act as anti-aging. Not only this, aloe vera is also known to increase the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is the primary protein that makes your skin soft and healthy.

Benefits for hair:

Aloe Vera Gel + Castor Oil

Apply a mixture of aloe vera gel and castor oil on the hair. Castor oil is known to enhance hair growth. Also it darkens the hair. If aloe vera gel is mixed in it, then the hair growth doubles and hair fall also stops.

Aloe Vera Gel + Coconut Oil

Aloe vera gel can be used by mixing it with coconut oil. Mixing coconut oil and aloe vera gel and applying it to the hair condition the hair well. This mixture seals your palate. This mask keeps your hair healthy so that there is no problem of split hair.

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Clean the tongue with teeth, otherwise this dangerous disease can happen



To get strong teeth for a long life, teeth cleaning is very important, many people clean the teeth but forget to clean the tongue too, in such a situation, if you also forget to clean the tongue, then it will affect your health. Its bad effects can be seen.

Loss of teeth at a young age – Due to not cleaning the tongue regularly, there is a risk of teeth breaking before age, due to not cleaning the tongue, bacteria start growing in the mouth, which also weakens the teeth.

Weak gums- Due to not cleaning the tongue with teeth, the gums start getting weak, due to not cleaning the tongue, the bacteria present on the tongue keep on weakening the gums gradually.

Bad smell in the mouth – We all eat something or the other throughout the day, due to which the smell starts in the mouth and bacteria start growing, in such a situation, due to not cleaning the tongue, the mouth starts to smell, if the tongue is not cleaned, then the food tastes. Doesn’t seem right either.

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This person falls in love with anything, if he fell in love with a chicken, then divorced the doll



You all must have heard that love is blind, but knowing about the matter we are going to tell you today, you will start believing this saying 100%. Yuri Tolochko, who lives in Kazakhstan, fell in love with strange things. Actually Yuri is Pansexual so he also falls in love with any character or stuff.

Last year Yuri married a sex doll but now he has fallen in love with a toy chicken and is now going to marry him. You might feel a bit strange knowing this but it is true.

got married last year
Yuri had fallen in love with a sex doll some time ago. She got married to him in November 2020. A function was also organized for this. People made fun of him a lot. But Yuri publicly declared his love for Margo. But now he has fallen in love with a chicken toy.

started cheating on his wife
By Christmas his relationship with sex dolls had completely deteriorated. Yuri also falls in love with the picture. After some time Yuri falls in love with a doll whose face is of a human but body is like that of a chicken. Yuri says that this is his real love.

After Yuri fell in love with the hen, she desired to marry him. Now he has customized the doll whose body is like a chicken but the appearance is like a human. Yuri named it Lola. Now soon he is going to marry Lola. Describing Lola, Yuri said that she is very sexy. However, apart from Lola, Yuri still has a girlfriend. Her name is Luna. Right now Yuri is confused as to whom he will marry.

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There are miraculous benefits by tying the thread of Molly on the wrist, know immediately



There are many things which we follow as religious importance but they also have important importance in health form. We all tie the thread of Moli on our hand while worshiping. This thread is tied by men and unmarried women in the right hand and married women in the left hand. But it also has many health benefits.

religious affiliation :-
Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali started tying the thread of moli on the wrist while performing the Gharmik Shastra Cape Puja. It is also called defense fungus. By tying it all the troubles go away. With this thread, the blessings of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as well as Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati are made on us. While going to the battle of Vritrasura, Indrani had tied a thread like Raksha Sutra to Shachi in her right hand. There is also a religious belief on it, that is, all the three gods reside in it.

Scientific Validation :-
To reach the main part of the body, the vein has to pass through the wrist. When we tie a thread on the wrist, the action of the nerves is controlled. With this our three doshas get removed soon. While in them we get rid of many diseases like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. And this is also true because scientists have also accepted it.

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