Ayurveda Day 2020: Celebrate fifth Ayurveda Day with ‘Ayurveda for Kovid-19’ theme, know the importance and purpose of this day


Ayurveda Day 2020: Celebrate fifth Ayurveda Day with 'Ayurveda for Kovid-19' theme, know the importance and purpose of this dayPhoto Credits: Pixabay

new Delhi: The whole world is fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic. In such a situation, Ayurveda is playing an important role in fighting this epidemic. In the midst of Corona Crisis, preparations are being made to celebrate the fifth Ayurveda Day this year. The Ministry of AYUSH announced on Thursday that Ayurveda will play an important role in the management of COVID-19 Pandemic, the main theme of ‘Ayurveda Day’ this year. Ayurveda Day is celebrated every year on the day of Dhanvantari Jayanti from 2016. This year it will be celebrated on 13 November. Read this also. Congress released second list of 49 candidates for Bihar assembly elections: Big news and headlines of 15 October 2020.

The purpose of Ayurveda Day is to focus on the powers of Ayurveda and its specific treatment methods. The ministry said that Ayurveda Day is not just a ceremony or celebration but an opportunity to rededicate to business and society.Read this also. Rahul Gandhi Attack on Modi Government: Rahul Gandhi attacked Modi government by tweeting, said this.

Ayurveda Day

The Ministry of AYUSH has decided to conduct a number of activities on the occasion of the fifth ‘Ayurveda Day’. The Ministry informed that a webinar will be organized on the occasion of ‘Ayurveda for Kovid-19 epidemic’. About one and a half million participants from all over the world can participate in the webinar. The Ministry of AYUSH has also requested the embassies and missions of foreign countries to celebrate ‘Ayurveda Day’.

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