Avoid the risk of life, identify dengue infection from these 5 changes seen in the body


Identifying a disease at an early stage can prevent it from becoming serious. Because every disease can dominate the body only when its infection has engulfed your entire body. If you can identify this virus only when it is trying to grow by entering your body, then you can avoid getting serious illness…

Let us know here how on the basis of some initial symptoms it can be detected that the dengue virus has entered the body and now it is trying to spread in the body. If the disease is detected at the initial level, then you will be able to take complete treatment at the right time and you will not have to face extreme problems or risk of life…

You have fever

– Fever in the changing season is not a big deal. But this fever occurs at an early stage with very little and mild body pain. Whereas in case of dengue you will have sudden and very fast fever.

Symptoms of dengue

During dengue you will have a lot of body pain and body breakdown problem. You find yourself very tired and experiencing weakness. Also, during dengue fever you will have high fever as well as severe cold.

Fever occurs between 100 and 102 degrees at the initial stage of dengue. If it is not started on time, it can grow rapidly to dangerous levels. Therefore, you should contact the doctor immediately. Along with this, methods of prevention of dengue should also be adopted at home.

Severe pain behind the eyes

– Severe pain along the back side of the eyes along with fever is also a main symptom of dengue. During dengue, the patient also has difficulty in opening the eyes. Because there is constant heaviness, fatigue and pain in the eyes.

– Even after a lot of effort, the patient is able to open the eyes for only a few seconds. If there is a problem of eye pain with fever, then you should do a medical test to check for dengue.

Methods to identify dengue

Constant headache

– Headache during fever is very common. But headache during dengue is quite different from normal pain. During this pain, a constant jerk is experienced in one place in the head, as if someone is hurting.

-This pain continues to hit your temple and then spreads throughout the head to the skull. This pain is a clear indication that you are vulnerable to dengue.

Frequent nausea

During dengue, the patient has persistent fever, headache and heaviness in the eyes as well as nausea. For this reason, vomiting can also occur with stomach pain at times.

Upset stomach pain during fever

-If you see such symptoms, then understand that dengue is fast dominating the body. In these situations, any kind of negligence can pose a threat to life. Therefore, take the medicines prescribed by the doctor at the right time.

Skin rashes

– During dengue, rashes start appearing on the body. These rashes are flat and red in color. Like there is a scar made by something suddenly hit.

– Such rashes start appearing on the body of a patient infected with dengue 2 to 3 days after the onset of fever. These scars can appear on any part of your body and they can sometimes complain of mild itching.

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