Asian countries News: 3800 year old idol of Kirat Devi found in Nepal; visitors felt influx – nepal statues of 3800 year old kirat devi found in dhulikhel influx of visitors



  • Pleased to find idols of 3800 year old Kirat Devi in ​​Dhulikhel, Nepal
  • These statues were found 300 meters below ground, being said to be the oldest statues.
  • After getting the idols of these Goddess, a large number of people are coming to see it.

Archaeologists and people who have saved the heritage are encouraged by the discovery of statues of Kirat Devi, about 3800 years old in Dhulikhel, Nepal. These sculptures were found about 300 meters below the ground. It is being told that this statue is one of the oldest statues in Nepal. After the founding of these idols, a large number of people are coming to see it. Their pictures are being shared fiercely on social media.The Myripublic website quoted local archaeologist Srikrishna Dhimal as saying that the statues were first recovered during a construction on Friday. The locals wanted to take it to their home but other villagers got information about these idols. He told that when we saw the beauty of these idols, he was stunned.

Dhimal said he informed other archaeologists about this. Archaeologists state that these statues belong to the first or second BC. He told that it is seen that these idols are of a goddess. It is believed that this idol is of Kirat Devi. Dhimal said that if this is true then these idols are around 3800 years old.

At the same time, another archaeologist Udhav Acharya says that these sculptures look like primitive times. Looking at it, it seems that they belong to the second or third BC. It is one of the oldest statues in Nepal. Archaeologists have demanded that a museum be built in this area. They have demanded more excavation in the area.


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