Artillery Regiment: 193-year-old Army Artillery Regiment, Gunners Day’s ‘Dhuandhar’ congratulations, big message to enemies in gesture – indian army’s artillery regiment is celebrating 193rd gunners day, here is how indian army celebrating


The artillery regiment of the Indian Army is celebrating its 193rd Raising Day on Monday. India’s first artillery unit was established on 28 September 1827. Starting with 2.5 inch artillery gun, this regiment now has the world’s latest weapons. The regiment’s establishment day is also known as gunner’s day. The Northern Command of Udhampur of the Army has also greeted this special occasion in a hazy manner.

The video shared from the Twitter handle of PRO Udhampur shows the stamina of the Artillery Regiment. The PRO tweeted the video and wrote, “If you still think that the pen is more powerful than the sword, then climb on this mountain and show it.” While the video is seen as a good news message for Gunners Day on the one hand, on the other hand it is also considered as a message for the enemies across the border.

Artillery Regiment possesses a range of missiles and weapons.

The Artillery Regiment now has a stock of ballistic missiles, multi-barrel rocket launchers, high mobility guns, UAVs and electro optics devices. The Army issued a statement saying, ‘The regiment has honors such as one Ashoka Chakra, seven Mahavir Chakras, nine Kirti Chakras, 101 Vir Chakras, 63 Shaurya Chakras, 485 Army Medals since independence. Bofors’ stamina played a decisive role in Kargil’s war.

Kargil Hero Lt Gen YK Joshi congratulated

The Army said in a statement, ‘The Artillery Regiment is the first line of defense of the Indian Army. The regiment is modernizing its systems and weapons every day. Once these programs climb, the strength of the artillery will increase manifold. GOC of Northern Command and Kargil Hero Lt Gen YK Joshi have congratulated the Artillery Regiment on the occasion of Gunners Day.

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