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Anil Kumble said- If DRS had already completed 10 wickets, spectators started greeting in advance as soon as they took 9th wicket.

Former Indian leg-spinner Anil Kumble said that had he had the Decision Review System (DRS) system in his time, he would have completed 10 wickets early. Kumble achieved this feat in the Delhi Test against Pakistan, which was played on 4 February 1999. The match was won by India by 212 runs. He said that after taking the 9th wicket, the spectators sitting in the stadium started greeting him in advance.

Kumble said on Ravichandran Ashwin’s YouTube show, “I took 6 wickets before the T-break in the match. After that, when I returned to the ground, I was quite tired, because I bowled continuously between lunch and tea break. That’s when I realized that I had a chance to improve my previous record and perform better. However, I did not think of taking 10 wickets.

The audience said that the 10th wicket will also be found
He said, “I don’t believe you go to the field thinking of taking 10 wickets.” I only knew how to bowl players from 1 to 11. I took the 9th and 10th wickets on the 5th and 6th balls of my over (26th). After that I went to fielding at the third man position. I was greeted by the spectators sitting in the stand and said don’t worry, you will also take the 10th wicket. ”

For the last wicket to Kumble, his fellow bowler Javagal Srinath had put the entire ball of his over on the stumps. Also asked all the players not to take a catch. In response to this question, Kumble said, “I did not talk to Srinath about this. As a bowler, I do not believe anyone would do that. All those people were just trying to create atmosphere. ”

Wasim Akram dismissed and took 10th wicket
Kumble said, “When I came with my next over, I had made a plan to allow Wasim Akram to change the strike with one run.” After this, I will bowl to number 11 batsman Waqar Younis. Then I had reversed mid-on and mid-off. However, after two balls I understood that Akram would not take a single. Then I changed the strategy and called all the fielders forward. After this, Akram was caught out at short leg by Laxman.

Allegations of bias on umpire
Jayaprakash, who was the umpire in the match, hails from the city of Kumble, Bengaluru. In such a situation, the umpire has been accused of bias in the match. To this Kumble said, “This is not right.” Everyone wanted to witness that moment in the match. I don’t think any player would want the umpire to be a part of his wicket celebration. I agree that there are many things about Jayaprakash in Bengaluru, but he was an umpire. I believe it is all nonsense. ”

Had DRS been there, all 10 wickets would have been cleared out
On this, Ashwin said that no disputed decision was given by the umpire in that match. It has now been cleared. Meaning it became clear DRS. To this, Kumble said, “If there were DRS there, everyone was out.” One out. If DRS were in that match, I would have completed 10 wickets long ago. Then everyone could see it. ”



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