Anil Kumble Birthday: Anil Kumble is of effective personality and temper, know what is in his horoscope


Anil Kumble Birthday: Today is the 50th birthday of former Indian cricketer, coach and commentator Anil Kumble. He was born on 17 October 1970 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. His father’s name is Shri Krishna Swamy and mother’s name is Mrs. Saroja. His wife’s name is Chetna Ramathirtha. According to astrology, Anil Kumble was born in Scorpio ascendant and Taurus. Venus is located in the lagna itself, in the Jyestha constellation. Let’s know what Anil Kumble’s horoscope says about him. But before that we want to wish everyone a very happy birthday to those who are celebrating their birthday with Anil Kumble on 17 October.

Jyotishachary Pt. Dayanand Shastri According to Anil Kumble’s Sun in the 11th house of the horoscope, Mercury and Mars are located in Virgo. The moon of Taurus is situated in the seventh house. Currently, Vinshottari Mahadasha is running of Jupiter which started from 30 October 2009 and will run till 30 October 2025. The sun will last from 12 May 2020 to 28 February 2021. Due to the position of the Sun at the time of the birth of Anil Kumble, he rose to an elevated position with an effective personality and temper. Due to the position of Mars in their horoscope, it is mighty. Along with this, due to the position of Rahu in their kun[litheyreachedthedaringandhighpeakThehoroscopeofsuchapersonishappyrichandappreciative[लीमेंराहुकास्थितिकेकारणयेसाहसीऔरउच्चशिखरकीपहुंचे।ऐसेजातककीकुंडलीसुखीधनवानतथाप्रशंसादिलानेवालीहोतीहै।

Despite the happiness of Venus, there is a tendency to not remain satisfied despite being happy with the woman and family. With the influence of Venus, the native is not interested in giving money and in fighting (quarrel). Keep moving forward with courage in the present, luck is with you. The Mahadasha of Guru will run from 28 September 2010 to 29 September 2026. Wednesday is lucky for Anil, but do not travel long on Tuesday. Wear diamond and pearl. Due to the position of Mercury, his fate was always in his favor. Due to the position of Guru in Anil’s horoscope, he got a position of profit. Due to the presence of Libra guru in the horoscope, he got happiness, wealth and so many fans. Due to the influence of Venus in Kudli, they are financially and calm in nature.

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