Angered by the party, senior leader Jagmohan Verma Mane, who had filed nomination from Shiv Sena, Sharma had earlier celebrated by pressing his feet, this time agreeing to shoulder his shoulders.


MLA Akash Vijayvargiya rejoined Verma wearing a scarf.

  • Angered by the party, Verma was able to convince MLA Akash Vijayvargiya and MLA Ramesh Mendola.
  • Verma resigned from BJP and filed nomination in the by-election from Shiv Sena on Friday.

After 7 days in the evening, the BJP finally succeeded in controlling the damage. Resigning from the party, Jagmohan Verma, the city convenor of the Cooperative Cell, who was close to former minister Prakash Sonkar, who contested the election under Shiv Sena’s banner, agreed on Sunday and again wore the party’s scarf. Ever since his displeasure came to the fore, senior BJP leaders were busy persuading him. On Sunday, MLA Ramesh Mendola and MLA Kailash Vijayvargiya again reached his house and called upon him to change his decision. Spokesperson Umesh Sharma, who tried to persuade him by pressing his feet for the last time, again asked him to agree while pressing his shoulders.

BJP spokesperson Umesh Sharma persuaded Verma by pressing his shoulder.

BJP spokesperson Umesh Sharma persuaded Verma by pressing his shoulder.

Many leaders arrived to convince Shiv Sena as soon as they put on the scarf
Jagmohan Verma, the city convenor of the cooperative cell, wore a Shiv Sena scarf on Monday. By noon, BJP city president Gaurav Ranadive and MLA Akash Vijayvargiya reached to celebrate him. State spokesperson Umesh Sharma tried to convince him in his style by holding his leg. Although Verma agreed, he gave a 24-hour ultimatum. He said that till Tuesday, BJP should get permission to restart the system made through district administration.

Speaking to the media, he had said that he has put his point before the party president and MLA. If I agree, I will take office in the Shiv Sena on Tuesday otherwise. Just wearing a scarf now, have not joined the party. He waited for the party’s stand until 2 pm on Friday afternoon. After the party did not get a satisfactory response, he filed his nomination as a Shiv Sena candidate on the last day of nomination for the evening by-election. They also started campaigning from Saturday. The BJP was expected to suffer a lot of damage by Varma’s rebellion.

Verma, who returned to the party again, said that BJP is my mother. Children are also angry with the mother, but when we live our lives by living under the shadow of mother, we do politics, then it cannot be forgotten. When family members say that you will listen to me, then there is no question of leaving the mother. I have been in the party for 40 years. MLA Ramesh Mendola and MLA Akash Vijayvargiya have kept the talk of the hammams and businessmen behind the scenes with full emphasis. Akash ji is like my child. There was little resentment with the mother, there is no resentment now. I am withdrawing my nomination. We will work shoulder to shoulder to win the BJP candidate. I have no personal demands, will continue to fight for the existence and will continue to fight even further.

MLA Mendola said that Verma is a very senior leader of the party. He was discussed by the party president, organization minister. Their resentment was not personal, they were fighting for labors and hummus. The party has asked for their demand to be resolved. Demand has its place, but they have fought a lot for our party. He has an unwavering relationship with the party, it cannot break. They are withdrawing their nomination. Their demand will be resolved at the appropriate time. Will also take care of their spirit.

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