Anand Mahindra shares unique picture on Twitter, asks users- Can we tell equality?


Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra recently shared a post on Twitter, which made people think. Anand had earlier shared a picture of the floor drain design on Twitter, again shared that picture with another photo of a solar panel and asked people to find similarities between the two. His post has now created a discussion among people on the social networking site, while people are giving their responses with all possible answers to solve it.

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He shared the post and wrote, ‘One of the pictures, a drain is visible in one corner of a room. The second image shows a solar panel mounted on the roof of a house ‘. People actually found it difficult to find similarities between the two pictures. While captioning the post, Anand wrote, “A friend sent me this picture. On the left side, the solar panel is visible on the roof. How do you think it matches with the picture on the right, which I tweeted a while back? ”

Users guessed

Anand’s posts have always managed to take a pinch on social media and recently it has been seen. Ever since the tweet was shared, thousands of likes and comments have been received on this post. Some users tried to explain what is happening in the pictures. Some other people also responded. One of the users guessed that both pictures belong to the same house. Another user wrote that the left picture is of a temperature-controlled solar water heater while the other is for drainage. A third user explained that it is a technique to boil water in winter so that no extra electricity is used. Another user wrote, “reverse engineering seems to be the case”

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