An 8-year-old child fell into a 265-foot deep borewell, was brought alive in an hour after being stuck at 15 feet, but died during treatment


While digging to remove the child who fell in Bolwell in Beda Dhani of Bhanti village.

  • Beda Dhani incident of Bauhati village of Dausa district

An 8-year-old boy fell into a 265 feet deep borewell on Saturday afternoon at Beda Dhani in Bhaonti village in Dausa district. Thankfully, the child got stuck at 15 feet. The villagers and the administration, with the help of JCB, took the child alive after an hour’s struggle. But the child died during treatment in Dausa. The bore was dug at 10 o’clock on Friday night. It was still raw.

Dhani resident Tudaram had built a borewell about 265 feet deep for drinking water on Friday night. Its work was completed at 10 o’clock at night. It was still raw due to not putting pipes in the bore. On Saturday afternoon, at around one o’clock, the eight-year-old boy of Bailiram Meena, who lived near the bore, fell into this borewell.

The child finds out when he hears crying
When a woman passing by heard the cry of the boy crying in the bore, he made a loud noise and called the people. On seeing the child in the bore, sarpanch Ratti Ram reached the JCB without wasting time and started the excavation work.

On information, Baswa Tehsildar Omprakash Gurjar, Deputy SP Sanjay Singh Champawat, Kolwa Police Station Incharge Banwarilal, Bandikui Naib Tehsildar Dharmendra Meena, Sarpanch Ratti Ram reached the spot. After nearly an hour’s effort, the family and administration breathed a sigh of relief when the child was brought out of the borewell at 2:30 pm. During this, the boy was taken to the district hospital Dausa where the child died during treatment after one hour.

The villagers were busy on the spot during the evacuation of the fallen child in Bolwell.

The villagers were busy on the spot during the evacuation of the fallen child in Bolwell.

Child was mentally weak
Basava Tehsildar Omprakash Gurjar said that the borewell was covered with stone but the boy removed it and fell into it. On receiving information, it was revealed that the child was mentally weak.

No injuries to the body, death due to mud in respiratory tract
The tehsildar said that the boy did not get hurt when he was taken out, but possibly the child died due to mud in his breathing tube.
The width of the bore was 12 inches above, 8 inside
The width of the borewell was about 12 inches from the top. Inside was eight inches wide. In such a situation, after the child fell into it, he went inside 15 feet deep and got stuck on the stone.

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