america news: America burnt again on black issue, declares state emergency to stop violence – jacob blake shooting sparks protests, state emergency in wisconsin


Violent protests continue for the third consecutive day in Wisconsin in the US. The protesters set many cars on fire, while vandalizing government buildings. State Governor Tony Evers has called the National Guard, proclaiming the State Emergency, to control the disturbances. It is being told that on Sunday, the police had shot 29-year-old black Jacob Blake. Violence erupted in protest.

America was burnt in May over the George Floyd case
Earlier in May, there were protests across America, even after the assassination of Ashwake George Floyd in Minnesota. At that time police were also charged with vandalism. The situation had become so serious at the time that President Donald Trump had to go to the secret bunker after the violent protests outside the White House in Washington.Condition stable after surgery
Jacob Black’s father has claimed that his son’s body has ‘8 holes’ due to a bullet. He has said that Blake’s body part is no longer working. Doctors have not yet clarified whether the condition is permanent or expected to be cured. Currently, his condition remains stable after surgery.

The entire incident was seen in the video
The shooting incident occurred around 5 pm on Sunday evening, the video of which was posted online. This video clip is made from the other side of the road and shows a black man walking on the sidewalk to the front of his car and opens the door on the driver’s side only when the officer behind him shouts a gun at him is. As the person leans in and opens the driver’s side door, an officer grabs his shirt from behind and pulls back and starts firing at the car.

Jacob Blake Case: Black-American Jacob Blake’s lower body stopped working

Protests continue
Demonstrations continued on Monday night as well and the protesters clashed with police officers. Police used tear gas for the first time at around 30 minutes after the curfew came into effect at eight o’clock at night, but the protesters did not budge. Rather hundreds of protesters gathered there and shouted at the police.

Police shot black man 7 times, then provoked America


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