Akash Vijayvargiya lashed out at Sajjan Verma, said – if you are a real man, then show the contest from Indore, show who the lion and the jackal who will know


  • Akash Vijayvargiya challenged former minister Sajjan Verma by releasing video
  • Sajjan Verma had called Kailash Vijayarviya during the meeting in the evening, Ravana.

Politics has been hot after Congress leader and former minister Sajjan Singh Verma called BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya as Ravana. On Sunday, Vijayvargiya’s son and MLA Akash Vijayvargiya challenged former minister Verma to fight Indore. Released the video and said that after fighting the election from Indore, you will know who is the lion and who is the jackal.

Akash said- You talk in reverse about his (father Kailash Vijayvargiya). You are not even equal to the dust of their feet. When Kailash ji became the Mayor of Indore Municipal Corporation for the first time, the corporation did not have the money to pay salary. With his wisdom, he worked and laid a network of roads all over Indore. Be it the main road or the streets. While an IT minister, he brought companies like TCS, Infosys. While a PWD minister, he formed the MPRDC. Through this, a network of roads was spread all over the state.

What is your status, you know very well. Why do you contest from Sonkutch instead of Indore. I challenge that if you are a real man then show it by contesting from Indore. You will find out who is the lion and who is the jackal. Your entire family was trying to defeat me, but I came after winning the election. This election was just a trailer. If you come and show in Indore, you will get an idea of ​​your status. Politics is not about capturing the houses of the poor, politics is by service.

This was Verma’s statement
Former Minister Sajjan Singh Verma said- Vijayvargiya has called Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh as Chunnu-Munnu in the evening. Will have to answer. He sometimes speaks Pappu to Rahul Gandhi. Listen, how much is your Kailash status? If you raise your mouth and spit on your elders, then spit will fall on you. Now hear your story from me. Forgot when wearing sari hair, wearing nostril in nose, wearing bangle in hand and used to do tantra-mantra. Enlarged the hair, twisted the braid… Hey hypocrite….

He forgot his point. Was dreaming of becoming Chief Minister. Now where did the BJP pick up and throw it. Go there and do magic, but there is a greater magician Mamta Banerjee sitting there. As Dussehra approaches, its face starts to resemble Ravana. I have seen it very closely. Eyes are small… nose becomes dumplings.

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