Ahmedabad Fire Accident: 9 people killed in a huge fire in a textile warehouse in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad Fire Accident: 9 people killed in a huge fire in a textile warehouse in AhmedabadHeavy fire in textile mill (Photo Credit-ANI)

A cotton mill in Ahmedabad exploded on Wednesday afternoon, killing 9 people. The fire brigade has rescued 9 others. Part of the mill collapsed completely due to the explosion. Sources in the LG hospital in Ahmedabad have confirmed the deaths of 9 people. “9 people were brought dead from the blast site,” a hospital official told IANS. We have admitted nine others to the hospital for treatment, of which two are in critical condition. The cotton textile mill is located near the Nanu Kaka Estate on Pirana Piplaj Marg. Fire teams reached the spot, evacuated 18 people from under the rubble and admitted all to the LG hospital in Ahmedabad, out of which 9 people had died.

According to fire department sources, the search is on for people trapped under the debris. Ahmedabad Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Jayesh Khadia told IANS, “We believe the explosion occurred inside a chemical laboratory.” After which there were several blasts one after the other. The explosion was so large that many parts of this mill fell 50 meters away. The roof also fell due to the blast. Right now this place looks like a battleground. Child Falls Into Deep Borewell In MP: A 3-year-old boy fell into a 200-foot deep borehole in Madhya Pradesh, army engaged in rescue operation.

He said, we divided our team into two parts. A team took out eight people from under the rubble, two of whom were dead. We have sent them all to the hospital. Three to four people may still be under the rubble. There are 100-125 people in the fire brigade. The fire is still on half of the mill and our teams are trying to extinguish it. Police, Labor and Employment Department employees rushed to the spot after hearing the blast. Forensic department (FSL) experts are trying to find out the cause of the explosion.

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