After the 2016 season, the bowler has bowled wide after every 28 balls; Russell gets 12th every, while Williamson gets wide every 62 balls.


Russell, Pandya and Pollard are considered big hitters in the IPL. Against them, bowlers also give extra runs to avoid getting beaten. Looking at the matches from 2016 to Thursday, the bowlers bowled a wide ball against Russell on every 12th ball, while it was 62 balls in front of Williamson. After every 28 balls the bowler throws a wide ball. Russell’s strike rate is 186, but he also gets 8 wides on 100 balls.

Bowlers throw more wide in death over

In the powerplay, one wide is thrown for every 28 balls. वाइड Wide ball is thrown for every 34 balls in 7–15 overs and for every 21 balls in the death over. That is, bowlers give extra runs in an effort to stop more runs.

Pollard’s strike rate best in current season

This time, to talk about the strike rate of the players who scored 150+ runs, Pollard is on top with 189. De Villiers (185) is second, Puran (177) third, Jadeja (168) fourth, Stoinis (162) fifth.

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