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After 38 years, Amitabh stayed in the hospital for the second time in his life, before this, after the coolie incident, he was admitted in the hospital for 61 days.

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Amitabh Bachchan, who has recovered from Corona infection, reached home on 2 August after being discharged from Nanavati Hospital. This was the second time in Amitabh’s life when he remained in the hospital for such a long time. Before this, Amitabh was under the supervision of doctors for about 61 days after the incident during the shooting of Coolie in 1982. Amitabh first thanked his fans as soon as he came home.

Amitabh was admitted 38 years ago

The incident with Amitabh happened on July 24, 1982 in Bengaluru. Shooting of the film ‘Coolie’ Le Ek Fight Scene was going on. The scene was shot. People cheered and Amitabh smiled. But then a slight pain started in his stomach. One corner of the table was pierced badly in his stomach. On July 25, the pain increased rather than subsided. On 26 July, Amitabh’s condition worsened.

On July 28, a day after the operation, Amitabh also got pneumonia. Poison was spreading in his body, blood was thinning. Later, at the behest of doctors, Airbus was brought to Mumbai at around 5 am on July 31. Big B was placed in the special vigilance ward on the second floor of Breach Candy Hospital. By the morning of 1 August, his condition had improved considerably.

On 2 August, Amitabh’s condition suddenly worsened. Poison was continuously spreading in the body. According to doctors, it was necessary to do the operation again. The operation lasted for 3 hours and the doctors said for the first time that Amitabh’s condition was critical. He also needs prayers with medicines. Three days later, Bachchan was able to sit for the first time on a physiotherapeutic massage, Walkman, listening to light jazz and writing notes for family members. And on September 24, Amitabh was finally discharged from Breach Candy Hospital.

Corona rocked in 2020

For the second time in 38 years, the superintendent had to stay in Nanavati Hospital for such a long time. He was continuously active on social media during these 22 days. Witthhal shared the picture of God, the couplets of Ramcharit Manas, the verses of the Gita, the compositions of Harivansarai Bachchan and many quotations. Also responded to the trollers. The media also reacted to the Uri rumors. However, Abhishek is still infected with Corona. Therefore only Amitabh has returned home.

Timeline of Big B and Hospital

  • On 9 February 2018, Big B was admitted to Lilavati Hospital for routine checkup. He had neck and spine pain.
  • Earlier in 2012, due to surgery, he was hospitalized for 12 days. In a routine checkup in 2000, it was revealed that he had a Hepatitis B infection.
  • In 2008 too, a few days after Amitabh’s birthday, he was admitted to Lilavati Hospital. He had frequent complaints of abdominal pain.


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