Absent doctors in Jammu and kashmir: J & K: government sacked five doctors who have been running for a long time – five doctors terminated from services in jammu and kashmir


Govind Chauhan, Jammu
During the transition period of Corona, many doctors in Jammu and Kashmir who have been running non-spot have been dismissed on the orders of the government. Health Department has sacked many such doctors posted in different hospitals of the state, who were not going for duty in their hospitals for more than a year. With this action, the Health Department has started screening of such doctors, who have been absent from their duties for a long time.

According to the information, on Thursday, medical officer Lalit Kumar, who was posted in the district hospital of Reasi, has been dismissed after taking action. Apart from this, Medical Officer Lalit Kumar from April 2019, MO Sandeep Bhardwaj from CHC Ramnagar from August 2016, MO Neeraj Gupta District Hospital from Udhampur from the year 2019, MO Muvassar Haq from CHC Bhaderwah from 2019, Mohammad Irfan CHC from Bhaderwah from the year 2019. Were staying. After investigation, all these were given notice of return to duty. After which all were dismissed.

‘Many doctors were practicing private practice’
Sources in the department say that these five doctors were doing private practice at other places, so they were not coming on duty. There are many of them who are working in other states. After coming out of this matter, he has been dismissed after taking a tough stand on behalf of the department. The Director of the Health Department has been asked to make a list of such doctors in Jammu and Kashmir Division who are absent from duty. An action plan is being prepared at all these levels at the departmental level.

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