A month later, the figure fell below 2000, today 1992 Corona positive cases were reported and 12 died


The team of Jaipur Police Commissionerate’s Nirbhaya Squad is sending a message to the residents to prevent corona infection. Additional DCP Sunita Meena is making herself aware with a plank in her hand.

  • The highest number of infections in the state is in Jaipur, so far 28489 patients have been found here.
  • So far 1735 deaths in the state, 571 highest in Jaipur and 164 deaths in Jodhpur.

In Rajasthan, the figure of corona infects reached 1.71 lakh on Saturday. By 6 pm on Sunday, 1992 new positive cases were reported. After about a month, this figure has come down today. Earlier, more than 2 thousand cases were coming up every day. According to the data released on Sunday, the highest number of cases were 372 in Jaipur, 304 in Jodhpur, 226 in Bikaner. Besides, 85 in Ajmer, 105 in Alwar, 37 in Banswara, 12 in Baran, 44 in Barmer, 48 in Bharatpur, 26 in Bhilwara, 20 in Bundi, 8 in Chittorgarh, 3 in Churu, 44 in Dausa, 13 in Dholpur, There were 56 infected cases in Ganganagar, 4 in Dungarpur.

Similarly, 24 in Hanumangarh, 12 in Jaisalmer, 82 in Jalore, 7 in Jhalawar, 72 in Jhunjhunu, 9 in Karauli, 87 in Kota, 52 in Nagaur, 52 in Nagaur, 23 in Pali, 1 in Pratapgarh, 22 in Rajsamand, 10 in Sawaimadhopur , 93 cases were reported in Sikar, 27 in Sirohi, 16 in Tonk and 50 in Udaipur. After this, the figure of total corona positive infections in the state rose to 1,71,281 by Sunday night.

Similarly, 12 positive patients died on Saturday in Rajasthan. Among them, 2-2 patients died in Jaipur and Jhunjhunu. Apart from this, 1-1 corona infected patient died in Ajmer, Bikaner, Dungarpur, Jalore, Jodhpur, Sawaimadhopur and Udaipur. After this, the total death toll in Rajasthan reached 1735.

Jaipur and Jodhpur are the most infected in the state

The highest number of infections in the state are in Jaipur. So far 28489 patients have been found here. After this, 25672 in Jodhpur, 13345 cases have been reported in Alwar. Similarly, 8617 in Ajmer, 1456 in Banswara, 1434 in Baran, 3091 in Barmer, 5062 in Bharatpur, 5540 in Bhilwara, 10850 in Bhilwara, 10850 in Bikaner, 1379 in Bundi, 2092 in Chittorgarh, 2475 in Churu, 1348 in Dausa, 3224 in Dholpur, 2333 in Dungarpur, 2464 in Ganganagar, 1306 in Hanumangarh, 1073 in Jaisalmer, 3139 in Jalore, 2558 in Jhalawar, 2287 in Jhuljhunu, 1187 in Karauli, 10201 in Kota, 45201 in Nagaur, 6649 in Pali, 877 in Pratapgarh, Rajsamand. 2262, 1057 cases have been reported in Sawai Madhopur, 5017 in Sikar, 2313 in Sirohi, 1652 in Tonk, 6070 in Udaipur.

1735 patients died in the state so far

  • So far 1735 patients have died from Corona in Rajasthan. Among them, Jaipur had the highest number of deaths at 571. Apart from this, 164 in Jodhpur, 125 in Ajmer, 50 in Alwar, 26 in Banswara, 26 in Baran, 30 in Barmer, 88 in Bharatpur, 29 in Bhilwara, 128 in Bikaner, 9 in Bundi, 24 in Chittorgarh, 19 in Churu, 10 in Dausa, 26 in Dholpur, 21 in Dungarpur, 21 in Ganganagar, 8 in Hanumangarh, 13 in Jaisalmer, 34 in Jalore, 13 in Jhalawar, 23 in Jhunjhunu, 13 in Karauli, 111 in Kota, 52 in Nagaur, Pali 73 have died in Pratapgarh, 14 in Rajsamand, 21 in Sawaimadhopur, 45 in Sikar, 23 in Sirohi, 23 in Tonk and 60 in Udaipur. At the same time, 39 patients from other states have also died.
  • So far, 3478430 samples have been examined in the state. A total of 171281 positives have been found in these. Of these, 148291 people have been recovered. Out of this, 148228 has been discharged. Now a total of 21255 active cases remain in the state.

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