A man beheaded on Prophet Mohammed’s cartoon controversy, France suspected of terrorist attack


Paris. Two people lost their lives in a dispute over Prophet Mohammed in the northeastern region of the French capital, Paris. A person severed his child’s teacher’s head from the torso simply because the teacher showed his child a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. The cartoon was printed by the French magazine Charley Abdo. However, the attacker later succumbed to police action and was eventually killed.

According to a Paris police officer, the attacker, who was angry at the teacher’s act, cut off his head with a knife. When the police reached the spot on receiving the information, the accused had escaped from there. About 600 meters away from the scene, he started shouting slogans and refused to surrender by showing the gun to the police. He held the gun for the attack and was killed in retaliation by the police force.

French parliament pays tribute to teacher

French President Emmanuel Macron has visited the site of the attack and a ‘Crisis Center’ has also been built in this connection. At present, the terror team is investigating this attack. He said that his condolences are with the deceased teacher and his family. However, he expressed doubt that it could be a terrorist attack. After the incident, a symbolic tribute was paid to the deceased teacher in the Parliament of France. The Parliament of France has also called this attack a ‘barbaric terrorist attack’. With this, the French Minister of Education tweeted that the fight against Islamic terrorism can only be answered with unity and perseverance.

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