A history teacher showing pictures related to Islam in Paris was strangled, and after some time the attacker was also killed.


A history teacher was strangled to death in a suburban area of ​​Paris on Friday evening. The photo is of a siege carried out by the police after the incident. The attacker was killed here.

  • On Friday evening, an attacker chased the history teacher into the suburbs of Paris, then strangled
  • It is alleged that this teacher showed a picture of Islam in class a few days ago.

In France, a history teacher was strangled to death by an attacker on Friday evening. After some time, the police surrounded the attacker. He was asked to surrender. The police shot him when he did not surrender. The attacker died on the spot. The teacher is accused of showing a photo of Islam in class a few days ago. It is said that the attacker was angry with this.

Teacher followed
According to a CNN report, the attacker had pursued the teacher far enough. The Anti Terror Department has confirmed this. The spot is very close to the capital Paris. According to the department – the incident took place in the conference St. Honorin area. In a secondary school here a few days ago this teacher showed a picture of Islam. When the teacher left the school, the accused chased him. Later, after getting a chance, he cut his throat.

Four people arrested
After some time, the accused was surrounded by the police in this area. When he refused to surrender, the police shot him. Later four more people were arrested. French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the incident. Said- The teacher was killed because he was exercising his right to freedom of speech. He succumbed to Islamic fundamentalism. Macron also visited the scene.

Who was the attacker
The French government or the Anti Terror Department have not made any information about the attacker public at the moment. However, some media reports have claimed that the attacker is 18 years old and is originally of Chechnya origin. He was born in Moscow. The Education Minister of France said – let the police and investigative agencies do their work. This information will definitely be given when the time comes.

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