30 people rape in Israeli hotel by line with a teenager



  • A frightening incident of rape has come to light in the Israeli coastal city of Ilt.
  • In a hotel here, 30 people along with a 16-year-old girl were gangraped on the line.
  • The whole Israel is shocked after this barbaric incident unfolded, two accused arrested

Tel Aviv
A frightening incident of rape has come to light in the Israeli coastal city of Ilt. A 16-year-old girl was gangraped on a line here in a hotel here. The whole of Israel is in shock after this barbaric incident came to light. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called it a crime against humanity. The police have arrested two accused so far. Not only this, the people also made objectionable videos of the girl. It is being told that the girl was drunk at the time of the incident. Later, he told the police his tragedy. Meanwhile, a suspect in police interrogation admitted that a large number of people had raped the girl. However she claimed that it was done with the consent of the girl. It is being told that a person was arrested after the video of the rape incident went viral.

Girl went to bathroom after drinking wine with friends
Police said that the girl was not a guest at the hotel but went to the bathroom after drinking alcohol with her friends. After this, the girl took some people to the hotel room and gangraped. These accused also did not know each other. One of the suspects said that the accused had lined up outside the girl’s room and raped her one after the other.

He said that the rapists had entered the girl’s room in the name of providing medical help. During this, the girl took advantage of being drunk and raped her. Investigators are awaiting the girl’s medical report. Extremely saddened by this whole incident, the Israeli Prime Minister said that it is shocking. It is not only a crime against a girl, it is a crime against humanity itself. It should be strongly condemned and strict action should be taken against those responsible for it.


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