1100 year old gold coins found in Israel



  • Treasury found during excavations in Yavne city of Israel
  • 425 rare coins found made of 1100 years old gold
  • Early Islamic Period Coins, Identification of the Golden Age

A treasure has been found in the city of Yavne, Israel. It has found extremely rare 425 coins made of gold, which are said to be around 1,100 years old. Archaeologists in Israel reported about it on Monday. Recently he has found a treasure of gold coins of the early Islamic period during the excavation of the protected property near the town of Yavne.

Young volunteers discovered
In a joint statement, the country’s archaeologists – Leet Nadav-Ziv and Eli Haddad – said that 425 coins have been found in the excavation which are entirely made of gold. Most of these are coins of the Abbasid period about 1,100 years ago. This is an ‘extremely rare’ discovery. He said that this discovery of coins was discovered by young volunteers.

Photo: AP

Golden age coins
Small ‘clippings’ of gold coins have also been found in the excavations which may have been used as small currency. Coin expert Robert Cool said preliminary estimates suggest that the coins date from the late ninth century to what is considered the Golden Age of the Abbasid Caliphate and which controlled most of Southwest Asia and North Africa.

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Oz Cohen, one of the volunteers who discovered them, said that when he dug the ground he looked like a few leaves under the soil. When he looked carefully he found that they were gold coins. He said that it was very exciting to see such special and ancient treasure. It is believed that with the help of them, more information will be available about that period.


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