100 million people have voted in America, six crore likely to vote on Tuesday


100 million people have voted in America, six crore likely to vote on TuesdayAmerica’s tricolor (file photo)

Washington (Washington), 3 November: So far, about 100 million people have voted for the presidential election in the US and another six crore are likely to exercise their franchise on Tuesday. According to Michael P. MacDonald, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida, for the first time since 1990, a record 160 million voters can exercise their franchise.

McDonald leads the ‘US Election Project’, which monitors pre-election voting. He said on Monday, “It is estimated that about 10 crore people will have voted by Tuesday morning.”

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He said that the level of voting is likely to be higher than 2016. For example, states such as Hawaai, Texas and Montana already have more voting than the 2016 vote. North Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada and Tennesseee have the highest pre-turnout, nearly 90 percent more than the 2016 turnout.

Republican candidates and President Donald Trump face Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election scheduled for November 3.

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